Meet the Counselor: Julia Wade LPCC


Hello! I’m so glad you’ve found my little place on the internet. Grab a snack and settle right in to find out more about me and if counseling together is what you need to feel better and move past the demons that are holding you back from feeling peace and calm in your life.

To begin, I am licensed as a professional clinical counselor (LPCC) in Ohio. I have experience counseling teens and adults with a variety of challenges. Some of these challenges might resonate with what you are currently going through in your life: sadness, loneliness, disconnection from others, feeling overwhelmed, stress, lots of worries, relationship confusion, losing someone close to you, behavior problems in children, transitions and changes in your life, and experiencing events that stick with you no matter what you try to get them to be quiet or go away.

Located in Mentor, Ohio, my office is quiet, comfortable and a refuge from the outside world. It is a safe, calm place where you can be yourself and have the freedom to express yourself in any way that feels right to you. I love my little office and space that I’ve created to hold the sacred space of trust and healing that comes when we work together.

I love being a therapist. It is my life passion and my calling to help others in their pain so they may be able to find healing and relief. I am down to earth. Some might describe me as realistic and hopeful at the same time. I enjoy my work as a therapist and the other roles that come with that including advocate, group facilitator, and guest speaker.

What I enjoy most of all is meeting with you and working together to find the skills, tools, and using the resources available to help you gain what you need from the counseling process. If what you have read feels right, please contact me. I am here, ready to support you in your journey.