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EMDR Therapy for Adults in Ohio

The experiences in your life have left you wondering what is wrong with you. You aren’t sure if it is normal to feel this tension in your body all the time or to struggle so much in your relationships at home and work.

You are physically and emotionally tired and your body is in pain. The memories come flooding when you least expect them, but especially at night. The fear, loneliness, guilt and shame are overwhelming. When you think about yourself you just want to cover your eyes, hang your head and be invisible to the world. Everyday is a struggle to show up and just take care of you.  Managing day to day life is so hard and you wonder if others struggle this much to just exist each day.


There is a part of you that strongly desires peace, calm, connection, and safety. You need a safe, comfortable, nonjudgmental place to explore these fears and questions. The confirmation that you are ok would be a relief. You would like to be able to live with passion and confidence instead of hiding and barely surviving.

This part of you holds on tightly to a measure of Hope it is possible to show up fully in your life, move past your past, and experience healthy, loving connections. You are hopeful you will feel confident and at peace in who you are and the life you would like to live. You yearn for Healing and know with a trustworthy, kind, EMDR trained skilled therapist this can be your experience. This hopeful part has already experienced your Resilience because you continue to show up and keep fighting through the sludge of past experiences that are keeping you stuck.

Call today to begin your journey of healing.

"Still, like air, I rise."

- Dr. Maya Angelou


Hi, I'm Julia

As a licensed professional clinical counselor, I provide mental health therapy for adults in Mentor, OH. If you are feeling hurt, lonely, lost, anxious, and overwhelmed, working together can help you stop the pain and find peace and healing in your life.

With many years of therapy experience and specialized training, I am not afraid to hear your stories. I am warm and compassionate and have created a calm, safe place for you to heal from the pain of hurts you have experienced in your life. With a listening ear and kind voice, together we can explore your strengths, calm your fears, ease your sadness and help you find more hope and peace in your life.

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