Online Therapy

The time has come to make changes in your life. You have the desire and strength within you to reach out for help. Maybe you have past or current experiences that leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. You feel stressed, tired, powerless, and unable to cope with everyday life. There may be sadness and addiction that keep you feeling “stuck.” You are looking for hope, healing, and peace. You are ready to take the next step in your journey, but find that there are many obstacles in your path of getting the help you need and want.

With all the roadblocks you wonder if therapy is even an option for you? How will you manage time away from work, home, family, and friends? How will therapy fit in with your schedule and responsibilities?

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • Difficulty leaving your home due to transportation, location or other concerns
  • You are a caregiver needed at home with limited support to help when you have appointments and other commitments
  • Time limitations at work or at home
  • Safety concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Privacy concerns related to coworkers, friends, or family inquiring about your absences from home or work.
  • Difficulty keeping scheduled appointments due to traveling or normal disruptions in daily life
  • You haven’t been able to find a local therapist you connect with or have privacy and confidentiality concerns meeting with a therapist that is local

Fortunately these roadblocks do not need to be barriers keeping you from the support you want. Through online therapy you will be able to find the connection and help you need to increase your ability to cope, manage challenging feelings, improve relationships, establish boundaries, and learn more about yourself and others. It is possible to manage all of your life responsibilities and have support at the same time.

Online therapy is a way for therapists and clients to meet together online using video conferencing technology to achieve both of these goals. The idea of an online meeting with your counselor may feel uncomfortable, informal, and impersonal at first, but online therapy can meet your needs and provide another avenue of healing.

You are committed to your wellbeing and health but are leery of the effectiveness of online therapy. Studies and experience have shown that online therapy is just as effective as face to face therapy. And in many cases, even more, effective because you are able to be in your own comfort areas with your familiar things or a place of your choosing like nature, your car, or a park bench. Places of comfort and familiarity can reduce the anxiety and stress of meeting in a therapist’s office.

During this challenging time as we experience a pandemic, you might be feeling a variety of emotions, maybe some that are new to you. How can you know how to manage these feelings since it’s not anything you have experienced before? Perhaps your ways of coping that have worked in the past are not as effective now or you want to learn new coping strategies for now and the future.

Relationships are struggling. Increased anxiety, depression, and financial worries are overwhelming. The fears of the “what ifs” are taking over your thoughts and it’s increasingly difficult to be present at home, work, or even with yourself. The anxiety and stress show up in anger and frustration with anyone and everyone.

Online therapy can address all of these struggles and is a way to practice social distancing and keep yourself and others safe. You can be seen and be heard so you don’t feel alone during these difficult times.

Choosing online therapy is easy and convenient. You can use the technology you already have and meet with your therapist from any private and quiet location. You will have more options to find a therapist you “click” with from a broader geographical area. As you manage the disruptions that happen in daily life you will be able to continue receiving support through online therapy.

Meeting with a therapist can be life-changing. If you are looking for hope, healing, peace, and confidence, online therapy is for you. The flexibility, convenience, privacy, and increased choices for online therapy will allow you to overcome challenges and become healthier and happier.

Call today to see if online therapy is the right fit for you!