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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of counseling?

Counseling is an investment in your mental health and overall wellness. A regular session is $80 and approximately 45-50 minutes.

What can I expect the first session?

The first session is approximately 60-90 minutes and the fee is $115. This session is an opportunity to complete initial paperwork and any assessments related to what brings you to counseling. During this time, we'll visit, get to know one another, and gather necessary information to make sure you are comfortable moving forward in the counseling journey. It is important to me that you feel comfortable and safe in my office and have an opportunity to ask any questions you need to.

What is your approach to counseling?

I use a client centered lens which is the opposite of a "one size fits all" approach in counseling. Your challenges and experiences are unique to you and so should your counseling journey. I use my experience, training, and most importantly, what you would like to accomplish in counseling to find an approach that works for you. Many times, trying new things and noticing what works can help in this process. Several approaches I draw from are EMDR, Mindfulness, CBT, and DBT.

What is your cancellation policy?

I know that your time is very valuable. I will make every effort to begin and end sessions on time. Every effort will be made to notify you of a cancellation of an appointment within 24 hours. In turn, I expect the same consideration and respect of my time.  Please notify me within 24 hours if an appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled. I will make every effort to reschedule the same week in order to maintain progress in the therapeutic process. There will be a $80 fee assessed for missed appointments without 24 hour notice including no show appointments. All accounts must be current before the next session. The scheduled session time is your time and reserved for only you.

What about insurance?

I understand this is an investment in your wellness and will provide you the best service possible tailored specifically for your own individual needs and situation. I am an out of network provider for insurance companies.  If you choose to use insurance for counseling reimbursement, I can still work with you and will provide a proper receipt you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. It will be your responsibility to check your plan first to determine your out of network benefits for licensed counselors and any deductible that will need to be met.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Easy! Call, email, or use my online portal to schedule an appointment. I like to talk before meeting to find out more about your challenges and what brings you to counseling.