EMDR Consultation

Perhaps you have landed here because you are exploring your next steps in your professional EMDR journey and considering consultation as one of those options. The process of making these decisions is unique and highly personal to each therapist. Maybe you are deciding if certification is the right route for you. You’ve polled colleagues, EMDR Facebook groups, and other EMDR practitioners you respect and have been given such a wide variety of answers. What’s the best decision for you and your next steps?

Maybe you are questioning your choice to become EMDR trained; nevermind the time and resources spent on this endeavor. Most days you feel like you are drowning and feeling overwhelmed with protocols, SUDS scores and negative/positive cognitions. Now that you have finished basic training you are finding yourself shying away from using EMDR with your clients. Perhaps EMDR isn’t the modality you thought it was going to be or the “right fit” for you and feel disappointed, regret and shame because you are struggling to use it with your clients. You wonder what is wrong with you since it seems everyone else “gets it”.

Perhaps you are a seasoned EMDR clinician with loads of experience and training. You feel confident in your skills and mastery of EMDR. You’ve witnessed and experienced the power of EMDR. But, you have these one or two cases that are keeping you up at night. You’ve tried your usual “go-to’s” and feel stuck, confused, and frustrated. You are looking for an hour or two of consultation to problem solve and get “unstuck” and feel more confident so your clients can move forward.

Wherever you are on this journey is ok and you are not alone! As a consultant in training, I will meet you where you are and help you navigate these challenging waters as you build confidence, hone your skills, and feel connected and cared for on your journey. You deserve this and more just as your clients deserve to heal and feel better.

Some things to consider as you decide if we would be a good fit to work together:

I am EMDR certified and a consultant in training under the mentorship of Dr. Mara Tesler Stein. I was trained by The Institute of Creative Mindfulness. I have completed additional advanced training in a variety of topics including RTEP, GTEP, Complex Trauma, Early Trauma Protocol, Perinatal Mental Health, Egostates, and DIssociation.

Although EMDR has been my therapeutic modality of choice since 2015, my work is also informed by ego states work, mindfulness, and other modalities as needed for each client.

My areas of focus include:

  • complex trauma and the perinatal period
  • food allergies
  • grief and loss

My therapeutic focus has been providing services to adults. Therefore, consultation cases will also need to focus on providing services to adults.

Individual Consultation

I primarily offer individual consultation on Fridays EST. However, if you have other scheduling needs, please reach out by email. I most likely have other availability and feel confident we can find a time that works for both of us.

Individual consultation can be scheduled using my online schedule:

If you are local to the Cleveland, Ohio area and would like to meet in person for consultation, I would be happy to accommodate this request. All meetings would be at my office in Mentor. Please reach out via email or choose this option on the scheduler if you would like to explore this arrangement.

Group Consultation

In the future, I will offer a two-hour consultation group. I will update my online schedule when this is available. If you are interested in this option, please email me and I will let you know when the group is being formed and provide more details.

Other items to note:

To be able to work together, you will need to have completed the 10 hours of consultation required for basic training. If you need help finishing these hours, check with your trainers and they should be able to direct you where to complete the hours.

I am happy to provide evaluation/letters towards certification if you have completed at least 5 hours of consultation with me.

Per EMDRIA standards, you will need a total of 20 hours of consultation for certification. These can be a combination of group and individual hours. As a consultant in training, I can help you with 15 of the 20 required hours.

I look forward to connecting!

Take your next step and schedule a consultation today!