6 Benefits of Online Therapy

Many of us have experiences in our lives that leave us feeling overwhelmed, sad, and anxious. Past hurts and current difficulties may make it challenging to manage everyday life and you may struggle with depression or addiction. Often this makes us feel stressed and tired and unable to engage with family and friends in the way we would like. Fortunately, there are advancements in technology that can help create connection and provide support in different ways. It is important to keep up with ever-changing needs and to take advantage of available technology to better meet our own needs and the needs of those around us.

The days of meeting face-to-face with others for work meetings, school projects, social events, presentations, and a myriad of other scenarios are changing. One industry that is evolving and adapting to better meet the needs of clients in the field of mental health. Therapists are able to use technology to deliver new ways to meet with and care for client’s mental health. Improving mental health is not an easy, one-time fix. Proper care often requires therapists and clients to meet together for extended periods of time ranging from a few weeks to several months. Many providers are looking for ways to adapt and allow more people to receive quality mental health care through online therapy.

One way I would like to better support my clients in receiving the mental health care they desire is by offering online therapy. This method involves therapists and clients meeting online using video conferencing technology. The idea of an online meeting with your counselor may feel uncomfortable, informal, and impersonal at first, but online therapy can often meet a clients needs more fully with less stress than the traditional counseling format of meeting face-to-face. Studies have shown that online therapy is
just as effective as meeting face to face.

Here are 6 benefits of online therapy that can help you decide if online therapy is right for you.

  1. Ease and convenience: Clients and therapists simply need a computer with a webcam, a tablet, or a smartphone with internet access in order to meet. Most people already have these tools available and will be able to utilize them to meet for an online therapy session.
  2. Increased access: Individuals who live in remote areas, who are housebound, who have trouble lining up childcare, or just have too much going on in their lives to make room for regular therapy sessions, now have access to mental health care. A person would now be able to meet for an online therapy session without leaving their home. Clients would be able to squeeze in a therapy session at their
    office without having to take the time to commute.
  3. Greater flexibility: Clients are less likely to run into problems and conflicts when they can meet from wherever they are. If a client is out of town or an unexpected situation arises such as a sick child they need to care for at home, or a schedule change at work, they can roll with the changes and still meet for their online therapy session.
  4. More provider options: A client will have more choices in finding a therapist that meets their specific needs and who they “click” with. Instead of being restricted to the general area where they live or driving distance, now they can find a therapist that offers online therapy from a much larger area.
  5. Privacy: Many people do not feel comfortable sharing that they are seeing a therapist. Meeting virtually with a therapist from the privacy of their own home or office can be helpful in creating a private setting. Any place that is quiet and private such as a car, parking lot, or empty park can help a person maintain the privacy boundaries they desire while allowing them to receive the care they need.
  6. Time Saver: Online therapy eliminates a client’s need for transportation and any travel-related costs. Clients can be at their appointments in the time it takes to walk to their laptop or device. Online therapy can make it easier for people to work appointments into their schedules without having to take time off from work.
    In addition to saving time, many clients find that their anxiety and stress about traveling to appointments are greatly reduced with the ability to still get help through technology and online therapy.

Many people find that meeting with a therapist can be life-changing. Those that are looking for hope, healing, and confidence can now have their needs met through online therapy sessions. There are added benefits of online therapy for many individuals who would struggle to meet face-to-face with a therapist. The flexibility, convenience, privacy, and increased choices and options for online therapy allow many people to overcome challenges and become healthier and happier.

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